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three centuries of the Györgyi-Giergl family exhibition - installation plan
Budapest History Museum

The exhibition leads through the history of the Giergl Family, which moved from Austria to Hungary, from the settlement until our days, in special consideration of the outstanding activity in the fields of fine applied arts, architecture and art organising of the members of the consecutive generations, as well as the role of certain family members in the inland cultural and social life.
The first generations of the Giergl Family worked as tailors beginning in the 1720s, slowly rising in the social hierarchy. The generation which chose his profession in the reform period broke with the inherited profession and chose according to there artistic aptitude. Their sons started in guilds, but became artists. The highly educated sons of the latter generation turned to be extraordinary architects, creative partners of the splendd construction works after the Compromise of 1876, or contributed to the unfolding of applied arts. The line of architect generations went on in the 20th century as well.
The works of certain creators of the family is worked up by extended literature, their works are kept by several museums. The Budapest History Museum shows, with the contribution of numerous public collections and the tradition respecting family members together, the art of a family whose members were masters of numerous and diversified fields on a collanctive exhibition for the first time among museums in Hungary. The work of the different family members belonging to different generations s not sperate from each other, a mutual influence can be experienced, which even the concerned members professed. At the same time we can see a special segment of an important period of the inland history of art, the family tokens - which are charasteristic of the social and cultural history of the period - make these lift-like.

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