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health centre

The planned health centre is on the road to Vörösberény, a couple hundred meters from the centre of Balatonalmádi, at the foot of the mountain This is an important junction, near by a green park. Modern houses which stand for the street perpendicularly with flat roof, outside gallery, three-four level define the Petőfi Sándor street’s scenery. The health centre planned by us has to close this row adequately.

We wished to plan a modern building to Balatonalmádi, which reflects the today’s age, but fits into the "balatonalmádistyle" clearly. Represents a newer layer in Almádi’s architecture story. It is built on the traditions, indicates the local colours. We wished to continue the characteristic character of the street’s building in. We designed the last element of the row. This logic resulted in a striped building in, which the function makes justified. It got beside each other surgeries overlook some waiting hall-corridor lane.

The red stone from Vörösberény defines his substance usage.
This stone occurs almost on all local buildings from the smallest holiday houses started to the bigger public buildings. The building requires it in most cases, that we relieve the serious stone surface with something. We may find a numberless example onto this: plastered facades, planes, ornate tree porches make the building easy-more going.

Földes László

Balogh Csaba
Tatár-Gönczi Orsolya

Sirokai Levente

plan: 2008-2009
completed: 2010-2011

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