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volcano visitor center
kemenes, ság-hill

László Földes
Csaba Balogh
Orsolya Tatár-Gönczi

Levente Sirokai
Péter Sónicz
Ágnes Deigner

Competition: 2009 First price
Plan: 2011
Construction: 2013

The building of the volcano park is the volcano himself. Does not want to resemble the volcano in his form, it’s not a pyramid shape. We mapped the logic of the volcano in the inner space system of the building. The visitor walks through the road of the lava walking through the building. The magma assembles in the deep of the earth and takes the road upwards in a suitable moment. A narrow gap drives towards the surface, here and there branches out, is looking for the road driving upwards. In the inside of the earth mysterious the world. The moment of arrival onto the top is the catharsis.

Walking through the tower the visitor will discover a space experience similar to this.
After getting down into the deep lead the museum road through spaces changing continuously, closed boxes like cave, that reaching up onto the supreme level, from the look-out tower let the Ság mountain reveal itself suddenly.
The head mass appearing as the vertical sign includes the exhibition halls only strictly. The serving, connecting functions received place in the detached mass on the entrance level. One-storied mass receives us before the tower. The serving functions are hiding behind the left side buttress running beside the ramp, under ground.
The conference room is separate from all these, opens from the tower, as an independent box.

Földes László

Tatár-Gönczi Orsolyával
Balogh Csaba
Sirokai Levente

competition: 2009, I. prize

plan: 2010
completed: 2011-

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