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three apartment buildings
maasslius, netherland

We won the work of planning through invitational competition. Our mandator, the Wohning Stichting Maassluis real estate developer company wished to realize such a residential district that represents the style of the Hungarian architecture. The actual job was to design three seven storey dwelling-towers which grow out from the artificial lakes surrounding the park. Searching for roots, we studied the ganged houses of Pest as well as the castle of Diósgyőr with its four corner towers. This all can be recognized on the actual plans. On the plans of construction permit we collaborated with the Bureau Bouwkunde Rotterdam bv engineers1 office. It was a big challenge for us, knowing that Hein Douksen’s company works together regularly with such as Renzo Piano, Kisho Kurokawa or MVRDV. The acceptance of the plans of the dwelling towers was good, however, because of financial difficulties they have not been realized.

Földes László
Pethő László

Bödi I.
Csaba K.

plan: 1999
not comleted

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