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haydn promenade

The planning site – his present name Kovács-alley – can be found on the central place of Fertőd, near castle Eszterházy. From east it is bordered by Haydn residence, the „House of Music” on the other side of Vasút street, or rather a promenade an avenue from the castle. The historic "the House with the Yard" is one of the determining building of the alley. Once it was a restaurant, now it is in an inordinate and unworthy state.
We see the essence of the task in that to find the architectural devices that may generate a life on the promenade, and additionally these keep his function alive strengthening each other.

László Földes

Anna Losonczi
Klaudia Volf

Johanna Csűri
Ágnes Deigner
Péter Sónicz
Ági Vértesy

plan: 2008-2009
completed: 2010

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