Ják Visitor Center

closed competition

The task is to fill the buildings belonging to the church of Ják with new functions, to redefine the walking routes. One of the most famous and spectacular elements of the church is the gate, several copies of which have been made to preserve its original condition. Exhibition of these plaster copies and other remaining stone building ornaments, sculptures, window, cornice and column fragments will also be solved in a new exhibition space. There is also a restaurant in the area, which sometimes hosts weddings and various events. A key aspect is the harmonization of the different use of space by locals and visitors.

László Földes
Bernadett Béni
Anna Lukács
Diána Nusszer
Márta Schmidt

landscape architecture:
Tibor Varga – VK Studio Tervezőiroda Kft.

museum and exhibition concept:
Gábor Sz. Szilágyi

Dalma Faddi
Diána Nusszer