Villa Sasad

House of the Year Award winner, 2021

family house


Located on the hillside of Buda, the family house is inspired by the modernist villa traditions of Budapest. Concrete consoles as additional elements to the brick facade are direct references to Hungarian modernist heritage. It’s simple and slightly irrational geometry and the dark brick facade are aiming for a massive, fortress-like atmosphere. The building materials are indeed massive, using sand-lime bricks and ventilated brick facades. The use of these material also helps with energy efficiency, and to create a silent, calm environment.

Besides orientation and the slope, the placement of the building was defined by the way we could create the most intimate living spaces both indoors and outdoors. The plot is relatively small and the neighbours are close, so, the ‘L’ shaped layout of the building – and the garage ramp – divides the garden to an entry zone and an intimate zone. The facades are more closed towards the entry zone and opened towards the terrace and the garden. Old pine trees – that were to be saved from the first moment of the planning process – are further enclosing the upper level of the terrace zone.

Compared to the outside, interior spaces are rather compact and functional, structured by the stairs placed on the corner of the building. The basement provides garage and storage areas. The ground floor has all the common areas on two levels including the living room and the kitchen, both with terrace connections. The first floor has all the bedrooms and bathrooms, while the top floor is designated only for sports and relaxation.

lead architect:
László Földes

Anna Lukács

assistant architect:
Dávid András Kiss

interior design:
Milliméter Műterem

plan: 2017
completed: 2020

net floor area:   475 m2

Balázs Máté