Atlasz II.

residental house 
North Africa

The site is located in a dense urban area displaying the strong influence of Arabian culture. Buildings are characterized by playful floor plans and volumes. The shape of the plot is irregular, as it is narrow along the street and wide along the backyard. The volume of the house reflects on the existing stepped terrain.

We have chosen rough plaster as exterior covering since it is a local trait and it emphasizes the building volume. The heavy character of the volume and the strong vertical proportions are dissolved by the playful arrangement of prefabricated concrete pedestal cladding elements. The walkway, the pedestal and the external pavements meet in curved corners. This gesture opens up each surface and creates a spatial sculpture. Junctions either form pedestal claddings or benches.

Our commission was to design a residential building with three units including other functions such as storage areas and a gym.

László Földes
Gábor Kovács

concept plan: 2020

net floor area: 830 m2

visualization: Zoltán Gazdag