Atlasz I.

North Africa

The plot is situated in an urban area with historical significance. The influence of Arabian culture is traceable in playful floor plans and volumes as well as in exterior decorative elements.

The site is located between two streets. The difference in altitude is 10 metres. This allowed us to dispose all service areas underground and orient the main function towards the garden and the panorama.

Local characteristics were very inspiring for us, for example playful floor plans, the apparently haphazard arrangements of volumes and the application of atriums as main venues for public life. Volumes are revealed by slight recessions while large interior depths are disclosed by the atrium.

A representative garden is adjacent to the public areas of the building. This may serve as an area for meditative strolls as well as an event space. Intensive greenery is designed to protect from overheating and blazing sunshine.


lead architect:
László Földes

Gábor Kovács

assistant architects:
Ákos Balogh
Bernadett Béni
Sára Farkas
Dominika Gál-Hevér
Rita Georgina Kovács
Csenge Kővári

interior design:
Márton Lengyel
Liza Natasa Rakusz

GEUM Műterem
Gergely Lád

plan: 2020
net floor area: 2716 m2

visualization: Zoltán Gazdag